Things I love - and perhaps you might, too

Leap of Faith

Some people, artists among them, are willing to step out into the void and make a start when the destination is unknown and invisible. 

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Through the Looking Glass

How does a drawing become a finished design that can be printed on an antique letterpress?

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The little unassuming scraps of life carry so much information and so many memories. 

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This post was meant to be about floral designers, but it also turned out to be about the stealthiness of hobbies, and childhood and its echoes. 

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The Dark Arts

How does letterpress printing happen, you might wonder. How does it work?

Most of us only see printed images appear fully formed, sliding smoothly out of the 'black box' of a printer or copy machine. The physical process of any kind of printing can seem mysterious, so here's a little intro into the dark arts of letterpress.

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